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Natural Dijon Walnut Egger MFC H3734 ST9 h3131st1218_a

Natural Dijon Walnut Egger MFC H3734 ST9

Sand Beige Egger MFC U156 ST9

Light Grey Chicago Concrete F186 ST9

Graphite Grey Egger MFC U961 ST2

Marone Casella Oak H1369 ST40

Tobacco Aida Walnut Egger MFC H3704 ST15

Black Havana Pine Egger MFC H3081 ST22

Grey Bardolino Oak Egger MFC H1146 ST10

Light Lakeland Acacia Egger MFC H1277 ST9

Natural Bardolino Oak Egger MFC H1145 ST10

Navarra Ash Egger MFC H1250 ST36

Pebble Grey Egger MFC U201 ST9

White Hallifax Oak H1176 ST37

Natural Davos Oak Egger MFC H3131 ST12

Sand Orleans Oak Egger MFC H1377 ST36

Sand Gladstone Oak H3309 ST28



Your Guide to MFC Cut To Size

Egger is a leading manufacturer of melamine-faced chipboard products. This global family company founded in 1961 is recognised for its innovative, high-quality wood-based materials in a vast selection of decorative finishes.

Egger products include the popular melamine-faced chipboard (MFC) and edging. Here at MFC Direct, we are proud to be Egger board suppliers and to carry a wide selection of Egger MFC.

We supply our customers with Egger melamine-faced chipboard cut to size and edged so they are ready for a range of uses.

What is Egger MFC?

Egger melamine-faced chipboard is a leading MFC product. Egger MFC has many applications and is widely used in the interior design and furniture-making industries.

Egger MFC is constructed from a chipboard core, which is covered on both sides by decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin.

What Egger Structures are Available?

Egger wood-based panels are available in a wide range of structures, finishes, and solid colours. Whatever your aesthetic needs for your decorative surfaces, you can be sure it is available within the Egger decorative collection.

ST9 Smoothtouch Matt

If you love the matt character finish, you will like the ST9 Smoothtouch Matt, which has a soft, natural feel. This is the perfect option if you are looking for an on-trend matt finish.

Popular ST9 Smoothtouch Matt colours we offer include:

ST9 Porcelain White W1200 Egger, ST9 Mainau birch H1733 Egger, ST9 Natural Lancaster Oak H3368 Egger, Stone Grey U727 Egger, Onyx Grey U960 Egger, Premium White W1000 Egger, Light Sorano Oak H1334 Egger, Sand Beige U156 Egger, Dust Grey U732 Egger, Pearl Grey U763 Egger, Natural Lancaster Oak H3368 Egger, Natural Dijon Walnut H3734 Egger, Alabaster White U104 Egger, Cashmere Grey U702 Egger, White Grey U775 Egger, Egger Indigo Blue U599, and Alpine White Egger W1100.

ST15 Smoothtouch Velvet

Egger Smoothtouch Velvet has low levels of gloss and a flat surface finish. Smoothtouch Velvet offers an authentic wood-like finish for your projects.

PM PerfectSense Matt

PM PerfectSense Matt offers an attractive, tactile finish combined with practical features. PM PerfectSense Matt is a popular choice for furniture-making thanks to its anti fingerprint properties.

Popular colours for PM PerfectSense Matt include:

Stone Grey U727 Egger, Light Grey U708 Egger, Dust Grey U732 Egger, Cashmere Grey U702 Egger, and Alpine White Egger W1100.

ST27 Feelwood Elegance

ST27 Feelwood Elegance offers the luxurious appearance and texture of real wood but with exceptional durability, making it a low-maintenance choice.

Other popular Egger colours we have available to order include:

Egger Indigo Blue, Platinum White W980 ST2 Egger, Grey Textile F417 Egger, Beige Textile F416 Egger, Light Grey Chicago Concrete F186 Egger, Platinum White W980 Egger, and many more.

MFC boards are often used in furniture production

What are the Benefits of Using Egger Boards?

Choosing Egger MFC boards for your project offers many benefits. Buying Egger boards from us, cut to size and with edging, means you do not need to process the material yourself before using it. This aesthetically pleasing material is also easy to maintain and clean while also being highly durable. Here are some further reasons why Egger boards are such a popular choice:

Exciting and Versatile Range Available

Whatever look you are trying to create for your décor, Egger MFC has a style to match. From deeply brushed matt finishes to a mini pearl texture, you will find them all in a host of colours and realistic wood finishes within the Egger decorative collection.

Suitable for Commercial and Residential Spaces

Egger MFC can be used for a whole host of applications in both commercial and residential spaces. Thanks to its attractive finish and functional properties, Egger MFC is the material of choice in many furniture-making and interior design applications. Here are just some of the ways that MFC can be used:

Countertops and worksurfaces

Desks and tables

Kitchen cabinets



Wall cladding

Innovative products

One of the main benefits of using Egger MFC is that it is available in such a wide choice of high-quality finishes. If you are trying to achieve lightly planked woodgrain decors without the cost of solid wood, Egger MFC provides a realistic surface that delivers a finish with an authentic look and feel.

Low Environmental Impact

As Egger MFC boards have a chipboard core, they are made from recycled wood. These boards are also suitable for recycling, so they are a great choice if you are looking for environmentally-friendly materials.

Why Choose MFC Direct for Egger MFC Boards?

If you are looking for Egger suppliers that deliver a high-quality service that you can rely on, MFC Direct is here to help. We are proud to be Egger suppliers that provide a customer-focused service; here are some of the reasons to choose MFC Direct:

Straightforward Ordering Process

Ordering MFC boards online can be complicated, but our straightforward ordering process makes it simple. Simply choose your Egger style, size, and thickness. You can also request to have your MFC boards edged and select your grain direction. We will then get to work on cutting your MFC boards to your requirements.

Comprehensive Range

We offer a comprehensive range of Egger products from the Egger decorative collection. We have a vast choice of Egger colours available, including the most popular ones, such as Egger Dust Grey, Egger Light Grey, and Egger Lancaster Oak. So whether you are looking for melamine-faced chipboard with a high gloss finish or matt surfaces, you will find them all within our range.

Competitive Egger Board Prices

We supply Egger melamine-faced chipboard cut-to-size at competitive prices, so you can be sure that you are paying a fair price for your Egger boards.

As well as offering competitive prices, we also have a low minimum order value of £50.

Fast Turnaround on Orders

There is no need for long waits when you can choose us to cut your MFC boards to size and edge them. We can turn around your order in just seven days.

Delivery Service Available

Our Egger boards can be cut to size and delivered to addresses throughout England and Wales.